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From 1 April 2014 the Competition Commission is abolished and its functions transferred to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). There will be no further updates to this website after 31 March.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) brings together the Competition Commission (CC) and the competition and certain consumer functions of the OFT. The CMA takes on its full powers and responsibilities on 1 April 2014.

Complaints procedure

The CC seeks to carry out its functions, which are prescribed by statute, in an efficient and impartial manner, and to treat all parties to its inquiries with courtesy and as helpfully as possible. However, if you believe that things have gone wrong, please send us your complaints. We will take them seriously.

How do I make my complaint? 

Complaints relating to a particular inquiry should be addressed to the Inquiry Manager of that inquiry at Victoria House, Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4AD.

Complaints of a general nature should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the CC.

Oral complaints over the telephone will be given the same consideration as written complaints, but it would be helpful if complaints could be put in writing wherever possible.

You should include:

  • Your name and address
  • Copies of any correspondence to which the complaint refers (but this is not essential)
  • The names of persons involved
  • Details about what has gone wrong or has not been handled properly.

What will happen next

All complaints will be carefully investigated. We will aim to give a full reply to your complaint within ten working days of receiving it. If this is not possible, we will send you an acknowledgement within five working days explaining why and saying when you can expect a full reply.

Is there anyone else I can ask to look into my complaint?

We treat all complaints fairly. But if you are not satisfied with how we have handled your complaint, you can ask your MP to make a complaint on your behalf to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (the Ombudsman). You cannot complain direct to the Ombudsman, only through your MP. Your local library or Citizens Advice Bureau can give you his or her name.

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