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From 1 April 2014 the Competition Commission is abolished and its functions transferred to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). There will be no further updates to this website after 31 March.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) brings together the Competition Commission (CC) and the competition and certain consumer functions of the OFT. The CMA takes on its full powers and responsibilities on 1 April 2014.

BAA airports market investigation

Date of referral: 29.03.07        Statutory deadline: 28.03.09


Responses to emerging thinking

Main party
BAA Limited (PDF, 1.4 Mb) 

BAA Limited comments on British Airways response to emerging thinking


Third/other parties
Aberdeen Airport Consultative Committee (PDF, 1.6 Mb) 
ABTA Ltd (PDF, 44 Kb) 
Blaiklock, T. Martin (PDF, 48 Kb) 

British Airways

British Midland Airways Ltd (PDF, 154 Kb) 
Civil Aviation Authority (PDF, 381 Kb) 
Dooley, Michael (PDF, 902 Kb) 
Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and City of Edinburgh Council (PDF, 60 Kb) 
Federation of Tour Operators (PDF, 209 Kb) 
Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (PDF, 31 Kb) 
Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (PDF, 136 Kb) 
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce (PDF, 75 Kb) 
Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (PDF, 75 Kb) 
Member of Public 1 (PDF, 53 Kb) 
Member of Public 2 (PDF, 35 Kb) 
Reid, Alan (PDF, 207 Kb) 
Scottish Chambers of Commerce (PDF, 62 Kb) 
Stansted Airline Consultative Committee (PDF, 738 Kb) 
Stop Stansted Expansion (PDF, 2.0 Mb) 
Unite the union (PDF, 193 Kb) 

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited (PDF, 54 Kb) 

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited - further submission (PDF, 562 Kb) 

Wandsworth Council (PDF, 11 Kb) 
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