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BAA airports market investigation

Date of referral: 29.03.07        Statutory deadline: 28.03.09


Final report and Appendices & Glossary

Date published: 19.03.09

Final report
Final report (PDF, 5.1 Mb) 


Appendices & Glossary
(The numbering of the appendices indicates the chapters to which they relate.)
Appendix 1.1: Terms of reference and conduct of the investigation (PDF, 136 Kb) 
Appendix 1.2: The Ferrovial Consortium's acquisition of BAA (PDF, 251 Kb) 
Appendix 1.3: The seven BAA airports (PDF, 126 Kb) 
Appendix 2.1: Breakdown of airport charges at BAA airports, 2007/08 (PDF, 109 Kb) 
Appendix 2.2: Breakdown of other charges at BAA airports, 2007/08 (PDF, 149 Kb) 
Appendix 2.3: UK airports with permission to levy airport charges and/or reporting statistics to the CAA (PDF, 157 Kb) 
Appendix 3.1: Costs to airlines of switching airports (PDF, 261 Kb) 
Appendix 3.2: BAA's pricing policy at its Scottish airports (PDF, 141 Kb) 
Appendix 3.3: Airport competition case studies (PDF, 1.4 Mb) 
Appendix 3.4: Detailed analysis of BAA's Scottish airports (PDF, 4.7 Mb) 
Appendix 3.5: Detailed analysis of BAA's south-east airports (PDF, 4.3 Mb) 
Appendix 4.1: Determinants of technical airport capacity (PDF, 187 Kb) 
Appendix 4.2: Capacity constraints at BAA's London airports (PDF, 886 Kb) 
Appendix 4.3: Airport planning law and policy (PDF, 331 Kb) 
Appendix 4.4: Planning issues and competition in the airports market (PDF, 1.0 Mb) 
Appendix 5.1: Scope for competition between BAA's London airports within current constraints (PDF, 123 Kb) 
Appendix 6.1: CAA comments on regulation and on BAA's performance (PDF, 162 Kb) 
Appendix 6.2: The London Air Traffic Distribution Rules (PDF, 205 Kb) 
Appendix 7.1: Capital expenditure triggers at Heathrow and Gatwick (PDF, 212 Kb) 
Appendix 7.2: Further evidence on capital expenditure at the designated airports (PDF, 290 Kb) 
Appendix 7.3: Financial and investment performance of BAA's non-designated airports (PDF, 311 Kb) 
Appendix 7.4: Views of other airport operators on separate ownership of BAA airports (PDF, 81 Kb) 
Appendix 10.1: The need for the divestiture of two BAA London airports (PDF, 205 Kb) 
Appendix 10.2: Divestiture of Southampton (PDF, 144 Kb) 
Appendix 10.3: Costs and loss of benefits resulting from divestiture remedy (PDF, 399 Kb) 
Appendix 10.4: Customer benefits from competition between Edinburgh and Glasgow airports (PDF, 167 Kb) 
Appendix 10.5: Sale of Gatwick Airport - information requirements (PDF, 144 Kb) 
Appendix 10.6: Interaction of Stansted divestiture and SG2 planning inquiry (PDF, 174 Kb) 
Appendix 10.7: Aberdeen (PDF, 478 Kb) 
Appendix 10.8: Consultation at Stansted (PDF, 214 Kb) 
Appendix 10.9: Detail of proposed measures relating to fairness of treatment (PDF, 76 Kb) 
Appendix 10.10: Potential distortions from the interaction between price-capped and unregulated airports (PDF, 89 Kb) 
Appendix 10.11: Introducing terminal competition at BAA's UK airports (PDF, 184 Kb) 
Glossary (PDF, 123 Kb) 

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